Wealth Planning

What is Wealth Planning?  


Wealth planning is the art of structuring your wealth while building it, preserving it, and in order to transfer it to the next generation tax-optimized. Wealth planning is a mix of tax planning, wealth protection, estate planning and business succession planning and relates to your total worldwide wealth.

Sophisticated wealth planning services are becoming ever more important in this rapidly changing world. Wealthy families have internationalized over the last decades. Often children or other family members live, study or marry in different jurisdictions. There is a growing number of divorces and second or even third marriages and the following generations often have an entirely different view on the wealth generated by the previous generation. In most countries privacy is also becoming more and more seldom, and an increasing number of governments are implementing austerity measures and scrutinizing the wealthy.

In brief, there are numerous situations in which your wealth, or part of it, may be jeopardized and, in the case of larger families, threats may even arise in different jurisdictions simultaneously. Unless you structure your family's assets properly, they will increase less, can disappear over time or be jeopardized by a wide variety of factors.

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