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October 11, 2017

Many of our clients wondered how to invest their money safely and securely in time of uncertainty. Well, there are a couple of ways to go about it. 

Before we continue, let me remind of some investments that have been deemed “safe” over the years, but has proven to be untrue. Remember mortgage-backed security? many of us thought mortgage-backed securities were safe investments before to the housing crisis in 2008. We now know that this type of bond is not immune to the risks of the financial markets and many of us learned it the hard way in 2008.

Another misconceived “SAFE” investment is gold. I will admit that historically, gold has a tremendous hedge against inflation. However, the value of gold can go down quite significant. In fact, gold has lost approximately 30% of its value since 2011. So, you may have a great hedge against inflation, but your principal is not safe in gold.

My conclusion is that there are only three investment options in which you can have your money 100% protected against market losses. They include:

  • FDIC Insurance

  • Treasury Bonds

  • Guaranteed Insurance Contract

From these options, which will perform the best to have your money protected AND growing at the same time?

Considering FDIC Insurance, a one-year CD right now yields less than a 1.5% rate of return. Then, a 10-year treasury bonds held to maturity currently offers just a little over 2% growth.

What about Guaranteed Insurance Contract? There are many types of guaranteed insurance contracts, including Investment Grade Insurance Contract (IGIC), Fixed OR fixed index annuities.

Most of our clients gravitate toward either IGIC or fixed index annuity, which historically averaging between 6 to 8% rate of return for the last 25 years.

You might be wondering, “How is the money in a fixed index is protected?”

With a fixed index, the insurance company has reserving rules in place, meaning they must set aside more than what you put in so they can guarantee your principal. Different states require different reserve percentages. These reserving rules makes insurance companies less vulnerable than the banks, because if the insurance company fails, your money is still guaranteed.

In today’s unpredictable society, the stock market is also subject to volatile fluctuations. But you don’t have to be a part of it.
According to an article from U.S. News & World Report, in the history of the United States, no one has ever lost a penny in a guaranteed insurance contract due to market fluctuation.

At PWG Insurance Services, our team is ready to show you the only way to invest for SAFETY, LIQUIDITY, FLEXIBILITY, CONTROL AND TAX ADVANTAGES.

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