A bald tire causes a vehicle to slide out of control. Or a smooth-soled shoes on a slick floor can cause you to slip and fall. These two incidents will happen due to lack of traction.

When in come to your investments, with no traction to slow it down, they can either put you in a very good or a very bad situation if your investments swing between two extremes. For instance, when you invested heavily in the stock market, and when the stock market is up you may feel excellent about your investments. However, when the stock market crashes, you may feel terrible about where your money is invested. This will only happen when you don't have traction on your investments.

So if you don't want to take the risk of being out of control or slip and fall on your investments, don’t worry—investments with traction do exist, and they come in the form of a good fixed index annuity.

A good fixed index annuity provides traction that you need to help keep your finances from skidding out of control. This type of investment can help you:

  • Protect your investments (Principal),

  • Earn a reasonable rate of return,

  • Protect you gain,

  • Receive guaranteed lifetime income and,

  • Maximize the amount of money you leave to your beneficiaries.

Stock market historically since 1946 has corrected every 8 years without fail at an average of 33.8% loss and statistically after an 8-year term sitting president the market has corrected 30.86%. This means if you live in Las Vegas and your betting on odds, you have a 60-80% chance the market will correct in the first 6 months of this year and that percentage goes up 3-5% every month after that!

Free yourself from worry associated with stock market risk and avoid of the risk of losing half of your nest egg at the drop of a pin or in this case, at the drop of the stock market ticker. So do yourself and your family a huge favor by setting yourself up for future financial stability through investing with traction.

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